The Take Back Our City Campaign

Hello and welcome to the Take Back Our City Campaign. This is where I will introduce new and exciting ways to deal with the little things that need to be addressed. Why? Because society demands it of me, that’s why! So sit back and enjoy a New Vancouver, brought to you truly, Will.

1:The first movement. This is for you cyclists everywhere.

Alright you guys here we go. Ever notice how those pesky motorists like to honk at you if you don’t start peddling right when the light changes? How about when you do nothing at all and they STILL honk. Horns are widley abused in this city and not used for which they were designed. So here is how you can get back at them. Go down to any hardware store. For under $30 you can buy yourself  a nice airhorn. It even fits nicely into your water bottle holder for easy acces. With just one little touch of a button, you too can honk back, best results with sports cars. I dare you to try it, I guarentee satisfaction, though watch out. Some people just don’t see the humor.

2: Take  back the Metric System. Its easy!

Have you ever gone into a coffee shop and noticed that every drink is in Ounces? Air Canada will tell you how many feet you are in the air, and how many miles you’ve traveled. Now I can’t fix Air Canada, as much as I’d like to, they are too big for even myself. What I am suggesting fellow Canadians, is learn the conversions and the mental math to do this on a whim. The idea is that you can order a cup of coffee in good ol mL instead of a mesurment that is not only Imperial, but used to measure solid objects. Thats right. There is a difference between an Oz and a FLUID Oz, really not much, but it is there. To measure your hight, weight, ect use meters, kilograms and ect. Its right on the back of your drivers licence or BCID. I could go on, and believe me I do want to go on, but you get the idea. For those who are interested in this little pet project of mine, here is a link for easy conversion. Together lets take back our city…


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