The Best and Worst of Fighting Games Part 2

So for some reason after you post a blog, they remove that handy little “insert photo” button that makes my life easy. so I thought I’d continue it in another post, cause now I’ve got that little button back. So here we go. The female edition of my top ten favourite fighting game characters.

10. Tifa Lockheart (Final Fantasy 7)


To be fair, she is not a fighting game character, however she does use her fists and feet to attack her opponents and I was also finding myself relying on too many Soul Calibur characters, so here you go. Tifa makes the list because out of all the characters in Final Fantasy 7, she is the only one who doesn’t use a weapon. Aside from that, she kind of reminds me of Betty from Archie comics. She loves the protagonist, but is resigned to love him from afar, as he loves the other girl instead, even after she dies. Well Tifa, until Cloud realizes what he’s missing, you got me any time you want.

9. Kira (Mortal Kombat Deception)


One of the first things I noticed is that Kira uses Kano’s moves and Sonya’s moves. So why is she on the list? Look at her! No seriously though I like her twin Knife fighting style which sadly has not been included in soul Calibur (maybe in 5, I haven’t played it yet). Regardless, her back story is that she is a member of the Black Dragon, a group attempting to destroy all government and bring anarchy to the world… I’m sorta okay with that.

8.Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat)


Now here comes Sonya Blade, the original bad girl of Mortal Kombat. A United States Special Forces agent, she snuck aboard the ship heading to the Mortal Kombat Tournament to fight Kano, the killer of her old partner. While there, she had to agree upon being discovered to participate or face death. So naturally she agreed. Originally designed just to have a female in the game, Sonya evolved into a great character using Kempo and Tai Kwon-do as well as using a pin-wheel-like blade to slash her opponents into a gory mess. Sadly, she was not in Mortal Kombat Deception, the only copy of the series I have left.

7.Sarah Bryant (Virtua Fighter)


I remember playing Sarah’s character on the Chi-cheemaun arcade version of this game (original) because she resembled my own sister Sarah, who is blonde with blue eyes and can kick some major ass. She fights using Karate, Jeet Kun-do and the flamingo stance seen in such movies as Jackie Chan’s Legend of the Drunken Master. I also love her knee attack right into the chest of her opponents. Although a beginner character, she is still a lot of fun to use. Her story is that she entered the World Fighting Tournament to find out about the organization responsible for her brothers race car accident, but was captured and brainwashed to fight against her brother and kill him. By the third game she has fully regained her memories but continues to enter the tournament in the fourth game to fight her brother again and find out if her desire to kill him was genuine or part of the mind control.

6. Cammy (Street Fighter 2 the New Challengers)


Cammy first appeared in a re-release of Street Fighter 2 to become the second female character of the series after Chun-Li. She is a member of the British Delta Red Task Force (what is it with all these girls being cops of some sort) and in the version I played, she is an ex-lover of M. Bison (??? ew…) but in the Japanese version she is just an ex-agent. Unlike Chun-Li, Cammy has no projectile moves except of course a screw-kick (she IS the projectile) which I actually found refreshing. I must also admit, her attire is pretty kick ass though I really don’t know what this Red Fang organization is. Whatever it is, its kinky.

5. Zelda (Smash Bro’s Melee)


Zelda makes the roster at number five from Smash Bro’s Melee. She has the ability to turn into her alter ego Shiek, the last of the Shiekah. As Zelda she uses mostly magic based attacks while as Shiek she kicks ass with her body in a ninjitsu and throwing knives.

4. Orchid (Killer Instinct)


The only female in Killer Instinct (the first one), orchid uses two sticks to pummel her opponents into oblivion. She has a projectile attack, can turn into an energy panther and take her shirt off to kill her opponents with a heart attack. Her back story be damned, she is one tough cookie.

3. Tira (Soul Calibur 3)



Tira had a bizarre childhood being raised by assassins. Having killed so many people she began to see it as a game for her own enjoyment which led the others to become afraid of her. She attempted a normal life with adoptive parents, but ended up killing them in a rage. Then she heard about Nightmare and his blade Soul Edge which she developed an infatuation (she loves the sword…) worshiping it as a god and lover. When it is destroyed in Soul Calibur 3, her mind is shattered by the blast however she pieces most of it back together the best she can which results in two personalities. She has a happy side and an angry side which changes up her move list. While happy, her attacks are lighter but combo well, and angry Tira uses power house attacks which sometimes cause damage to herself. Her weapon is a giant ring-blade which she can use as a hula-hoop and sometimes even throws it into her opponent. To make it short, she is the go-go yubari of Soul Calibur. But I love her anyway.

2. Vanessa Lewis (Virtua Fighter 4)


Vanessa Lewis makes her first debut in the fourth Virtua Fighter. She was trained by J6 (the organization that brainwashed Sarah Bryant) as security to be a killer but they killed Lewis (her lover in the J6 org) and then she quit to join a protection agency. She entered the Fourth Tournament to protect Sarah Bryant as well as find the killer of her lover. She uses two fighting styles (muay-thai and vale-tudo) which you may switch between in combat. I quite enjoy playing her character being able to switch styles in combat. It keeps your opponents on their toes.

1. Seung-Mia (Soul Edge/Blade)


Now we come to the number one. Seung-Mina was a character in the first game Soul Edge/Blade, the daughter of the master Seung Han Myong, a weapons instructor. At a young age she learned all of the weapons her father had but was not allowed to join the Korean coast guard because she was a woman. When she heard of the legendary Soul Edge, she figured if she could find that, she could prove herself to the guard. Her father had wanted her to marry Hwang (later replaced by Yeung-sung using the same weapon in Soul Calibur 2, however at least Hwang made it to the Soul Calibur title, again replaced by a character far inferior for absolutly NO REASON). Back to Mina. Although she appeared first, Kilik would use her fighting style with few differences but over the course of the series lost most of her similarities, having Kilik retain her move set and she gains a similar but very much different one. She gains bonus points for making it look good!


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