In Exile at Camp Eastwood


Alright guys update time. I have been kicking some ass out here. Got a job at the Cafe on the Bay part time where I slave away over a sink doing dishes all day. The other day I went fishing for the first time in four years though we didn’t catch anything, it was still fun to go. Special props go out to my older sister who pulled up to my driveway first thing in the morning with cheeseburgers in hand. I can not say this enough, you rock! In my evenings I am watching horror movies which I will review in my new section Fright Nights!

Update May 16 2011

Other than my partents residence I have taken to walking the twelve some kilometers into town and sitting my ass down at Loco Beans, a coffee shop that charges insane prices for their coffee, but beats the swill that any other resturaunt (we have two open in town, one coming this summer) and allows internet access. Really though today I just ended up watching Dr. Who and filling out applications and writting letters. I will offer one word of wisdom for anyone who feels it safe to enter this shop. The girl at the desk WILL interrogate you. Now to go sign my life away at Loblaws…


For those of you who didn’t know I decided to enter a hermatige of sorts for an unknown period of time in an undisclosed location. This section will be on my projects and thoughts over this period. Periodically I will update whenever I get into an internet location. Here is the scoop so far.

I arrived here halfway through March roughly on the fifteenth after  four day bus trip from Vancouver in which I met several interesting people and earned the nickname “Shaggy” from a weirdo on the back of the bus. It may have had something to do with the poncho I was wearing or the joints I had been chain smoking across the country. Also let me tell you that the Greyhound have become Nazi’s for pot. It is retarded, they actually go through your baggage in every province along the way (but not your pockets…) and if they catch you they will refuse to take you under the ALCHOHOL act in their rules. If you are traveling FOUR DAYS across the country, your going to be sedating yourself if its not pot its a flask, if not a flask then pills of some kind. If not pills then possibly ciggarettes. Anyway, if you take the Greyhound, watch out but don’t worry, just bring some fabreeze and hand sanitizer.

The following weeks were freaking cold as a cold snap hit the area. All I had for heat was the wood stove in the living room as my current dwellings have no electricity (also no running water or heat) and this is where I discovered that I am terribly allergic to the smoke that comes out. My nose would stuff, I would get a cough and my eyes would get puffy and itch like a mofo. Not all the Reactine in the world made a difference. Once the cold snap ended I cleared all the dust andhave not used the woodstove ever sense. My computer turned out to be a real blessing as I have gotten through six out of seven Tom Baker Dr. Who seasons with a few episodes left in the final season before the David Peterson Fifth Doctor series that I’ve downloaded from a stolen internet signal in town. Although I have no power at my own house, the Community Center up the road has several outlets outside in which I can charge up. Nobody is EVER up there so nobody really cares. I cannot wait until they open up the bathrooms so I can use them instead of pooping outdoors. Thats something that a lot of people never think about but should they ever find themselves in this position I have several pointers to make things easier. Practice the horse stance (sitting like your in a chair but not) and always have a handy spade.

My biggest pass time until I find work (everything here is seasonal) has been the harmonica which I bought in Vancouver on sale. It is Honner and in the key of G, which is a great key for blues. With plenty of practice I can bend notes easily (draw, I can’t figure out the blow bends from holes 7 to 10) and can play along with a few of my sisters friends who play guitar. Once I get work and start paying back my debts then I can start getting more keys, though I also want to get a decent accoustic guitar so that I can learn some blues riffs on that. I’ve also downloaded some Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf to get a few ideas.

Recently I have gotten the garage key from my family and begun the daunting task of cleaning and organizing all the crap that people saw fit to put in there. Inside I had found some rum that was in a listerine bottle for god knows how long. Of course I drank it, but felt a little sick after. I’m not really sure if rum can go bad, but from now on I don’t think I’ll tempt fate anymore. Among other things I’ve found in the garage are a propane stove that will solve my cooking problems and every tool you could possibly ever need. Now I am starting a project to build a wood shelter for the chopped firewood outside and rebuilding parts of the house that have fallen to the incredible wind you get out here. Around this time I’ve also gotten possesion of my cat Mischief back. When I moved to Vancouver I left the cat with my mum and four years later now I’ve got him back. He is a bastard and often burns his tail on the candles at night making the room smell like burning hair. The house is very old and empty in the middle of the country. It is very spooky walking around a pitch black house with a candle in your hand making shadows dance around and jump out at you. I challange you to watch horror movies at three in the morning so that your a little tired and paranoid and then traverse outside alone to candle light. Its fucking awesome. I feel like I’m in Little House on the Prarrie.

I am hoping to get a digital camera so that I can make video logs out here, then upload them to the blog. Updates as you get them.


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