Hero Of The Week

Febuary 9 2011 Kristen Lauzon

Yoshi is bad ass!

Hey there guys. This weeks hero is my little sister Kristen or Krissy (because I am her brother and can get away with it). For the longest time she was a little brat like most little sisters are but grew into a wonderful person with a wicked sense of humor. She is also gifted with musical talent and currently plays in the band Imfamous Box. I would like to take credit for bringing her into our fold of nerds by forcing her to watch Star Wars and Gundam Wing and she rocks out to Hendrix. Mission Accomplished! I love you Krissy and miss I you.

Love your brother.




December 16 2010

I have decided that every week I will acknowledge a personal hero whom I think deserves recognition for their deeds and their contributions to my week. They can be people, characters or mushroom inspired hallucinations.  Whatever they are, they are hero’s and deserve to be awarded.

This Weeks Hero is :

John McClean from the movie Die Hard.

Die Hard was released July 15 1988, the same year I was born. Directed by John McTiernan and starting Bruce Willis this movie has become tied in the number one slot with Batman Returns for Best Christmas Movie of all time. Bruce plays John McClean, a New York cop flying out to LA to attend a Christmas party at his separated wife’s office building. caught off guard by a group of “Terrorists” he escapes up the stair well and wages a one man war to free the prisoners. Christmas is a time for me where I lose all my joy and happiness that I can maintain all year long. It sucks the nice out of me, so I respond by drinking fireball and watching movies like Badder Santa and Die Hard to bring some of that cheer back into my life and for the first time EVER I get to see it in theaters in its original 35mm print  with a big bucket of popcorn and a smile. Its things like this that only come around a few times in your life. This October I got to cross off  the Wrath of Khan from the list of movies I HAVE to see in theater, so I cannot wait until tomorrow night. Bruce Willis, thank you for this amazing movie. Merry Christmas to you, Yippie-Ki-yay mother fucker!


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